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Buying Discount Disneyland Tickets Safely

Purchasing discount Disneyland tickets can be tricky. Make sure to purchase from authorized sellers only. Use our number recommended seller, Park Savers.

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You here to save some money, that’s obvious. Paying full price for anything is the worst! So when you can keep some dough in your pockets and get the item you want it’s a good day. We’ll, get ready for a good day because we’re about to show you how to purchase discounted Disneyland tickets safely and securely.

This is a heavily searched term…discount Disneyland tickets, and for good reason. Disneyland tickets are expensive! When the park’s first opened you could buy a ticket booklet for a few cents to a few dollars. Now it’s over $110 for a 1 day ticket! Geez…

The first thing you’ll want to know about buying discount Disneyland tickets is that there are companies who are commissioned by Disney to do just this. They purchase them under a contract with Disney at a set price and have the opportunity to raise and lower their prices how they want including offering you a discount.

Through our many years of research and study we’ve found one website to be the best. They consistently offer the lowest prices and have so of the best ticket promotions available including FREE days and free dining with certain tickets.

This business is an authorized seller. This is our number reason for recommending Park Savers. They’ve been selling tickets for over 5 years and have grown into the biggest discounter on the internet! You simply can’t beat their prices!


A few tips with using Park Savers to help you get the most out of your tickets include buying at least 3 days before your arrival. Anytime inside 2 days or less and you won’t be able to order. This is due to transferring your ticket information to Disney.

Be sure to shop during the slow seasons including end of April to end of May. They typically have the best promotions going on then. You can also check during the end of January to mid-February.

Again, we highly recommend Park Savers for your discount Disneyland Tickets and know you won’t be disappointed with their prices. So go enjoy your savings and have a magical vacation!

If you need help deciding which ticket is best for please see our ticket guide and itineraries.

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