Which Ticket is Right for Me?

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Visiting the parks is sooooo much fun! Of course there are lots of different circumstances in which we visit the parks including last minutes trips, conferences, and family vacations. Whatever it might be we want to make sure we get the right ticket that will allow us to maximize our fun.

For us, the Park Hopper ticket is always right. We would go crazy if we knew we were stuck in just 1 park for the entire day. There are too many things that can go wrong. We’ve been in a park when most of the big attractions were down. We’ve been in a park when the crowd level was just crazy! And we’ve been in a park when it closed earlier than the other one. These kinds of things is what keeps us from just getting a 1 park per day ticket.

The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

Beyond the options part of the ticket is the length. How many days should you go for? The standard ticket, and from what Disney says, is the 3 Day Park Hopper ticket. You’ll “need” this ticket to see it all. We agree with them for the most part. We have done everything in 2 days but it was a rush. So if you’re coming down for a family vacation we would suggest this ticket as the minimum.

We suggest buying this ticket from Park Savers as they always have the lowest prices on Disneyland tickets and Park Hoppers.

Conferences in Anaheim can draw in a lot of business people, many of whom don’t care too much about coming into the parks. However, their families do. The 2 Day Park Hopper Ticket is a great buy when you don’t have a lot of time, just a few days. You can get most things done with this ticket if you stay on top of your planning.

A 1 Day ticket is tricky, especially if it’s a last minute trip. It’s always fun to go to Disneyland when you’re in the LA area and we couldn’t agree more. Just keep in mind that your 1 day will cost you between $110-$150. Disneyland does their 1 day tickets based on season so the price fluctuates daily. While not our favorite thing to do, you can still have and enjoy a few rides for the day. It will still be magical!

Now for all those who are willing to commit, the 4 and 5 day Park Hopper tickets are right up your alley. Not only will you get everything you want to do several times, you’ll even have time to spare! These tickets are especially great from families with younger kids who take naps. Head back to the hotel for the afternoon and then come back to parks without feeling you’ve lost precious time.

We always remember back when Disneyland used to offer a 6 day ticket. It seems so strange now but that was a long time to play at the parks in Anaheim. For their sister park a 5 and 6 day ticket is standard. Anaheim just isn’t as big though. RIP 6 day ticket.

So there you have it, your guide to picking the right ticket for you and yours. It’s not overly complicated. We’re not going to tell you this is the ideal ticket because the truth is is that everyone has different needs. So don’t over complicate things! If you’re only in town for 3 days, get a 2 Day Park Hopper. If you’re in town for 4 days, get a 3 day Park Hopper. If you’re in town for 5 or 6 days then get the 4 or 5 day Park Hopper. It’s that simple.

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