2017 discount Disneyland packages

2017 Discount Disneyland Packages

Discount Disneyland Packages

There are lots of Disneyland Vacation Package offers out there. They range from AAA to Disney. Finding the right one can be difficult because many of them are just selling convenience, not actual savings.

Do not buy directly from Disney

The Walt Disney Travel Company sells convenience not good pricing. Their customer service will always be great and friendly but there are no discounts on their packages. You’ll pay rack rate no matter what time you buy from them. They do offer some great Magical Extras with each package but is it worth paying several hundred dollars extra for? No.

What are you really looking for?

You want a vacation package that saves you time and is hassle-free. Out of all the providers out there we love one for both of these reasons:

Park Savers has the best Disney Theme Park Package deals around. Not only will they save you money on your hotel and tickets together they offer some of the best customer service we’ve ever experienced. They make your online booking process extremely easy. Choose your dates, pick your hotel, pick your tickets, and your done! It’s all about what you want!

Park Savers

When are the best savings?

Typically we want to travel during the slow periods when school is in session and there are no holidays. The only problem with that is that’s when you typically have the time off! During these months (June-August and the later end of December) are the best times to really hunt down deals. That’s because demand is high so prices go up. In slow seasons sellers bring down their prices to grab more buyers in a less-demand time.

There are two types of packages out there

The first is a Disneyland Resort Property Hotel Package. You stay on property at one of Disneyland’s three hotels:

  1. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel
  2. The Disneyland Hotel
  3. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

These packages will almost always be more expensive then the 2nd package choice. However, there are great benefits to staying at one of these hotels:

  • Extra Magic Hour – 1 hour early into the parks before opening each day.
  • Merchandise hold – Anything merchandise that you buy in the parks will be sent directly to your hotel for pick-up.
  • Private DCA entrance – Guests staying at the Grand Californian Hotel have access to a private entrance into DCA.
  • Key to the Magic Card – Your room key can also be your purchasing card in the parks for meals and merchandise.
  • Dining Reservations – Disney holds a certain number of dining reservations for the bigger restaurants for hotel guests.
  • Proximity – This is the big one. You’re the closest stay to the parks.
  • Access to our exclusive discounted tickets with Park Savers.

The second type of package is a Good Neighbor Hotel Package. These are all the surrounding hotels around the Disney property. Many of them offer great accommodations and some of them are just okay. Learn about which ones are the best to stay in with our Hotels Guide.

This package does include some things but not as many:

  • Accommodations at a Good Neighbor Hotel
  • Magic Morning Early Entry – If you purchase a 3-day ticket or higher you’ll receive one day to enter the parks 1 hour early before opening.
  • Access to our exclusive discounted tickets with Park Savers.

You can save a lot of money with a Good Neighbor package and typically the walk to the parks is not bad at all.

Disneyland Packages

There are others out there

As we mentioned there are other package providers out there. Many of them sell at rack rate just like Disney and some do offer a little savings.

AAA – They offer rack rate packages through the Walt Disney Travel Company. They also offer tickets only but they are typically gate pricing not the special pricing we have with Park Savers.

Costco – When they have deals, they are usually pretty good. You do have to be a member though.

Travel Agents – They book directly with Disney as well an receive a small commission. Some travel agents will offer up a “discount” but in reality it’s just a portion of their commission and it won’t be very much.

Annual Passholder – During certain times of the year Annual Passholders can book discounted rooms but it’s not much and when you compare them to other sellers like Park Savers it’s really no savings at all.

Expedia and Priceline – Stay away! These third parties only add to the issue of higher hotel rates. Plus their tickets are always sold at gate price. There are no savings to be found here!

Airfare can get tricky

Adding in airfare to your vacation package can make things a little crazy. It’s alway best to book you package as a hotel and ticket combo and then do your airfare separate. Companies like JetBlue and Southwest claim to offer package discounts but they really aren’t. They take above rack and “discount” it to rack rate.

Extras are a fun feature

There are some companies out there that include “extras” with their packages including lanyards and pins or backpacks. Park Savers packages include a free Photopass and Digital Downloads of your official Disneyland photos. That means you can finally get that super fun Splash Mountain picture you’ve always wanted! Their packages also include a savings booklet, pins and lanyard, and luggage tags.

Be sure to purchase your package at least one month in advance for the best prices. We usually suggest 3-4 months out.


This process should be simple and fun. Nobody does that better than Park Savers, our #1 recommended provided for your Disneyland Vacation Packages. Make sure to buy as early as you can, scan ahead for deals, and save!